Best Gaming Keyboard Price under Rs.1000 – AMKETTE


Gaming Keyboard: AMKETTE Evo Fox Gaming Keyboard

AMKETTE Evo Fox Gaming Keyboard
AMKETTE Evo Fox Gaming Keyboard

Gaming keyboards are specifically designed to better suited for in-game situations and demands. In contrast, the regular keyboards will often prioritize ergonomics for a better typing experience. This can be seen with the difference in its design. With the gaming keyboards, typically the differences are more noticeable in the keyboard layout and the switches used. Also, As for Gaming requirements: during a gaming competition, there is a need for a speedy response and fast reaction time just like AMKETTE Evo Fox has. Hence, It is the Best Gaming Keyboard at under Rs.1000 price.

AMKETTE Evo Fox Gaming Keyboard is specially designed for hardcore gamers. To suit its need, It has 19 Keys anti-ghosting rainbow backlight which tested with 10 M Keystrokes. This Amkette keyboard comes with a 1.5-meter long Braided cable. It has a magnetic ring with a dedicated Windows Lock Key. As a result, The focus is to neutralize your enemy rather than looking for keys!

In this keyboard, the performance improvement key management like 87 key is TKL. The impressive feature is its Laser-engraved keys with rainbow backlight with 12 Multimedia Keys. So here, this is the Best Gaming Keyboard at under Rs.1000 price.

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Just Plug and Play:- AMKETTE Evo Fox Gaming Keyboard with 01-year Warranty.

AMKETTE Evo Fox Gaming Keyboard Tech Specifications:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu
    Weight: 500 gm
    Keyboard Type: Membrane Wired Keyboard
    Backlight: Yes
    Multimedia Keys: Yes
    Design Style: Tenkeyless designs
    Anti Ghosting: 19 Anti Ghosting Keys
    Special Features: backlight keys with Breathing Effect, Plug and Play, Windows Lock Key

This is a membrane keyboard. With Elevated Keys with 10 Million Keystrokes. These keys can change color effects by Press Fn + Light Key. Also, it can connect to PS4 and Android TV.

Keyboard keys are membrane-based, not mechanical, so it is compromise features. But no worries about this, it can work just fine over 10 million keystrokes. so no worries for keys to perform.


AMKETTE Evo Fox Gaming Keyboard is one of the Best Gaming Keyboard at under Rs.1000 price ($ 15). Why you wait to just grab your own best performing gaming keyboard & become Winner at War.

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