How to choose Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin

Moisturizer for dry skin
Moisturizer for dry skin

Get rid of dry skin and get healthy and young lively skin in this winter 2020! Moisturizing is the popular skincare routine among all age groups, ranging from infants to elders especially in winter 2020. Choose a good moisturizer for dry or oily skin. Now we find out, How to choose a good moisturizer for dry or oily skin.

The cool and dry air of winter makes us face the biggest issue of dry skin, along with those irritating itches and flakes. Hence, a good moisturizer is going to become a part of our daily personal care.

Here, the advised Basic Skincare Routine is:

One: Cleansing

Two: Moisturizing

Three: Toning

With winter being around the corner, step two moisturizing is going to become the most followed skincare routine for us all! Hence, choosing a good moisturizer for dry or oily skin in winter is essential for us.

A heavy and sticky moisturizer adds layers to our skin because of air pollution and dust, making it looks dull and dark. So we are always in the lookout for a good moisturizer, which is light and gets absorbs in our skin immediately. Also, the one, which nourishes our skin to make, is soft and supple.

Dry skin, if not treated effectively, can add wrinkles to our skin and can speed up the aging process. Thus making us look older than our age. Oopsies…something none of us wants!

Our skin demands extra care and attention during winter, which we ought to give it. Being Lazy is not an option during winter, at least not when it comes to our skincare.

So, one thing is sure that we all are going to need a good moisturizer with us. Be it in our purse, bathroom, or at our side table of bed. But out of all the available options in the market, which moisturizer to choose is the most common confusion customers face.

So, let’s discuss, choosing a good moisturizer for dry or oily skin:

  • Avoid Harmful chemicals: A good moisturizer does not contain any harmful chemicals, such as Paraben, comedogenics, and alcohol.
  • Look for Nourishing Compounds: Moisturizers, which contains hydrating and nourishing compounds, such as hyaluronic acids, ceramides, plant oils, aloe vera, shea butter, glycerin, soy, B complex Vitamins are a good choice.
  • Based on Skin Type: We all have different skin types. Ranging from oily, dry, mixed, and sensitive. A moisturizer that suits your skin type is essential to get rid of dry skin without any side effects. Oily skin needs a light moisturizer while dry skin needs more intensive care.
  • Usage Timing: A light and non-sticky moisturizer is suitable for daytime, and for night usage – a heavy one is preferable to repair our skin during sleep time.

Tips to use moisturizer in an effective manner to reap the most benefits:

  • Exfoliate: Using good quality scrub helps to remove the dead skin layer, which allows the moisturizer to get absorbed deep in the skin.
  • Procedure: Take the required amount of moisturizer in the palm.
  • Use the palm in a light circular motion on to the dry skin to apply the moisturizer.

What more can be done to avoid dry skin:

  • Soap: Use glycerin based soaps to reduce dryness in the skin.
  • Water intake: Chilly and dry winds of winter can dehydrate our body and in turn our skin. Drinking enough water is the best way to keep our skin hydrated.
  • Diet: Foods that contain good fats such as dry fruits and seeds such as sesame seed, pumpkin seed, and flaxseed should be consumed to maintain natural oil in our skin; also they contain natural minerals such as zinc, etc. and vitamin E which is good for skin health.
  • Winter Clothes: Keep the body covered to reduce dryness and keep our skin protected.

Hope this article is helpful to resolve, all the doubts regarding the issue, that is how to choose a good moisturizer for dry or oily skin. So get prepared with a good moisturizer to combat dry skin this winter 2020.

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