Oily Skincare during the Monsoon

Monsoon, Rain, Humidity, oily skin, and Claustrophobia !!

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Now you must be wondering that what’s the connection between rain and claustrophobia? The connection is Monsoon, humidity, and the excess oil that causes our skin to feel sticky and chip-chip!

Of course, rain brings happiness, the aroma of soil, and celebrations of masala chai and bhaji and all, but what about Humidity and oily skin?

It’s the oily skin and hair that keep us irritated and makes us feel claustrophobic in our own skin!! Now get the connection between rain and claustrophobia?!! Those who have oily skin type will get my point right away.

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While stepping out, sticky face and hair are the biggest concern during the monsoon. No amount of frequent face and hair wash makes the problem go away. The humidity in the air just won’t let our skin breathe freely! The oily skin makes our skin look dull and dark!

Now the question is, how one can tackle this problem during monsoon?

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Get help with ingredients from the kitchen!

Some home-based skin routines can help to control this oiliness during the monsoon. Kitchen ingredients such as Curd and Lemon juice are acidic in nature and can be of great use to remove extra oil from the skin. Tomato juice or pulp is great too.

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While Cucumber juice works as a natural toner and closes down the pores. Rosewater too is a good astringent. Orange peel powder mixed with curd and besan(gram flour) can be a great face mask to control the excess oil.

Fuller’s Earth – Multani Mitti

How one can forget the good old ‘Multani mitti’ !! It is my all-time favorite. This clay I believe is made by nature just to absorb the excess oil and dirt from our skin pores. The cooling effect it has on our skin is unmatchable in the world!



Soak it using rose water and you won’t need any other skin-care routine for the entire monsoon. My mon suggests soaking in an earthen bowl (‘mitti ka bartan’) to enhance the cooling effect with the benefits of minerals. I soak my multani mitti in the Diya!(Earthen lamp) we use during Diwali celebrations.


The cosmetics I use are actually only a talcumed powder, in little excess. Don’t judge, because the kind of oily skin I have gets vanished from my face in minutes. I can’t dare to use any creams and even a compact for that matter.

What are your remedies to deal with excessive oil in skin and hair, share in Comments.

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By the way, apart from monsoon, I love my oily skin! You know why, it ages slowly compared to other skin types. See ya !!



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